Why choose the BENTO tray distribution trolley?

Meal distribution trolleys are utilized in hospitals every day. Indeed, these devices make it much easier to transport dishes from the kitchen to the patients without losing their organoleptic properties and their heat.

As a result, catering services professionals cannot live without them in their efforts to ensure quality service for their patients. Among our range of tray transport trolleys, the BENTO trolley offers a new service experience and a different way of serving. This article will reveal all of the hidden secrets of this innovative trolley.

BENTO tray transport trolleys: what are they for?

First of all, it is good to know that using meal tray transport trolleys offers a range of advantages. These devices facilitate the transport of food and its distribution. For years, we have not stopped designing and manufacturing innovative systems in order to offer you effective and practical dispensing solutions such as the BENTO range.

For distribution in hospitals

Distributing meals to patients is part of the daily routine in large public establishments such as hospitals and residential nursing homes for dependent elderly people.

Above all, this task requires the deployment of suitable equipment, as well as practical and effective accessories to facilitate the stages of distribution and clearing. Trusting an Electro Calorique solution means you are getting a manufacturer with years of experience in the field, who can offer you the best solution according to your needs and expectations.

Why choose the BENTO tray distribution trolley?

With its specific trays and colored crockery, this device is ideal for offering a new experience of service and meals on a tray.

Do not be fooled by its appearance! Despite its seemingly small tray and containers, the Bento range will surprise you as it is possible to serve exactly the same quantities as traditional containers.

Thanks to its adapted crockery and its tray which is 36% smaller than a classic Gastronorm 1/1 tray, you can place two trays per level in a more compact trolley. This type of tray also takes up less space on the patient’s table!

Compact and innovative, this type of trolley is easy to use since thanks to its large control screen. This innovative solution makes it possible to reduce the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) in your distribution teams, and to avoid food waste.

In this case, if you want to enjoy a well-balanced and hot meal, choose Bento.

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