Expresso: the nomadic trolley ideal for serving breakfast and hot drinks

They say that it is the most important meal of the day, so breakfast should be served in the right way and in the best conditions. To do that, you need to be equipped with a suitable and efficient device, guaranteeing an optimal breakfast service.

Using a premium breakfast serving trolley is the best way to surprise your guests and customers. Better still, in fact, if you use a nomadic trolley from a renowned brand, allowing superb service and offering a variety of hot preparations. At Electro Calorique, you are sure to find the nomadic Expresso cart that’s right for you.

Using a nomadic Expresso trolley

To offer your guests or customers the best service, the nomadic Expresso trolley is essential. It is a device that adapts to all situations and meets all the needs of various establishments.

Using the Expresso is the guarantee of an excellent breakfast service. This trolley is what allows your staff to ensure a breakfast service worthy of a large hotel. Its use within your establishment can improve the image of your business as well as its value.

The nomadic Expresso trolley designed by Electro Calorique is used to serve the first meal of the day, of course. But, in addition to that, it also offers more than 9 different hot preparations. More precisely, hot drinks can be made available immediately to meet the particular needs of each person to be served.

For example:

  • Coffee
  • White Coffee
  • Hot chocolate

How the Expresso mobile trolley works

This trolley has its own characteristics, which distinguish it from other breakfast distribution appliances. Among its particular features is its simple yet effective mode of operation.

To use it, simply connect it to a standard electrical outlet and to the water network thanks to the automatic connection provided. One hour later, the mobile trolley is ready to perform your distribution services. From there, you can serve more than 60 25cl cups while enjoying its considerable autonomy .

Thanks to its two storage columns and 4 glass doors, the trolley can accommodate 40 GN 1/2 trays. Added to this are compartments ideal for butter, sugar, jam, etc.

Advantages of the Expresso nomadic trolley

To enjoy the real pleasure of a good breakfast in the morning, the Expresso nomadic trolley is a must for healthcare establishments, hotels, restaurants, etc. Manufactured with cutting edge technology, the Expresso allows you to enjoy the following advantages:


It can be used independently for 3 hours without connection.

Even in the event of a power outage, you can provide quality service to your customers while ensuring hot preparations are at ideal temperatures.


The Expresso trolley has a huge capacity leaving other breakfast and snack trolleys in its wake.

Whatever your needs, the Expresso trolley is all you’ll ever need because of its ability to carry around forty trays, around sixty 25cl cups and all the breakfast essentials.


The Expresso also stands out for its ergonomics. It promises easy transport and benefits from unparalleled positioning in addition to easy access from both sides.


Its glass doors and minimalist design make the Expresso a trolley with superb visibility.

Finding the best Expresso nomadic trolley model for your needs online

To get your hands on an Expresso nomadic trolley, all you have to do is check out the online catalog of the leading meal distribution appliance manufacturer: Electro Calorique.

There are a number of versions of this trolley to choose from and they are available at discount prices.

Each Expresso model has its own unique characteristics. You must determine your needs to know which one to order and use within your establishment. So, make your choice between:

  • The standalone beverage machine P1000BR with dimensions of 56x63cm and a capacity of 60x25cl cups.
  • The stand-alone P10001BR beverage machine has a single column, dimensions of 88x63cm, a capacity of 60x25cl cups and 20 GN ½ trays as well as a 76mm space between levels.
  • The stand-alone P10001BR beverage machine with 2 columns and a capacity of 60x25cl cups as well as 40 GN 1/2 trays. It has dimensions of123x63cm with a 76mm space between levels.
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hot beverages
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breakfast service
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