Why choose the RESTAUSELF multi-portion meal distribution trolley?

Serving hot meals to a large number of people just got easier. Thanks to this latest innovation, any establishment or restaurant can guarantee the distribution of meals at the ideal temperature while maintaining their great taste. In fact, the use of high-tech meal distribution trolleys meets the needs for hot meal service.

Among the multi-portion meal distribution trolley offerings on the market today is our RESTAUSELF multi-portion trolley.

The special feature of the RESTAUSELF multi-portion meal distribution

This trolley is a well-known product with proven effectiveness in many departments for several years.

This innovative appliance makes it easy to serve hot meals. RESTAUSELF is, in fact, the ally of your various homemade dishes. It is the ideal equipment to promote the distribution of plated meals as in a restaurant.

This meal trolley stands out from other ranges thanks to its temperature maintenance through an accumulator mass. By using it, you can therefore enjoy a long isothermal period, even if your trolley is unplugged. It is an essential piece of modern equipment to help you with the hot meal service in your establishment. It offers ease of use that allows you to distribute your dishes without any difficulty.

It includes:

  • Distribution bank: Providing undeniable elegance and optimal discretion of the device. This means it can fit well in the dining room, in this case, and promises quality service. This bank also offers two side storage spaces for cutlery and crockery.
  • Flat pass: Guaranteeing you a hotel quality service. This is its standout feature.
  • Motorization: Facilitating long-distance service and allowing staff to carry out less tedious work.

Why choose the RESTAUSELF meal trolley?

There are a number of reasons to turn to the RESTAUSELF range when looking for a solution for distributing your meals.

In fact, this meal trolley takes your needs into account to serve excellent meals and to ensure a dignified service. It is a complete solution that promises the distribution of plated meals, whatever your establishment.

Its technology is a real asset that guarantees that meals are handed out at the right temperature, from the kitchen to the tables or the rooms of the residents. It should be noted that the temperature is adjustable according to your requirements and that the device itself can be plugged in anywhere.
Its huge work surface simplifies your tasks and your preparations. Moreover, this meal trolley exhibits unequaled ergonomics.

Made of stainless steel, RESTAUSELF is a quality trolley with a robust and powerful structure. It can be used as you please due to its practicality and flexibility in use. In addition, its motorization makes it easy to move around. This will make the work of your establishment’s staff more bearable. At the same time, it can greatly reduce MSDs or Musculoskeletal disorders.

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