Ensuring optimal hygiene with technology

In healthcare establishments, retirement homes, restaurants and hospitals, hygiene is an important issue. Guaranteeing perfect cleaning of work tools and meal distribution equipment is essential within these structures.

However, for better hygiene, finding an appropriate solution is not always easy. This is why Electro Calorique has chosen the option of modern technology to ensure the disinfection of meal distribution trolleys. The idea is to ensure optimal hygiene through technology.

The importance of hygiene

Hygiene in catering, in clinics, nursing homes, etc. is essential. In these places, it is important to guarantee hygiene in food prep, and cleanliness of the premises and equipment.

A lack of hygiene causes, first of all, the proliferation of bacteria and toxins which then colonize foodstuffs. This can then have negative effects on the health of clients and residents of an establishment. The cleaning and disinfection of the premises as well as the materials used to serve the meal are therefore essential. These are the means to guarantee the impeccable hygiene of your equipment in your establishment.

The tool for disinfection of meal distribution trolleys

The distribution trolley is one of the modern materials widely used in restaurants and establishments of all kinds today. It makes it possible to serve several customers at the same time and guarantee a fast, organized and secure service of many foods.

As it is used frequently, the meal distribution trolley requires appropriate cleaning and disinfection. A sanitized and disinfected trolley also promises optimal hygiene in hotels, restaurants, etc. To do this, relying on technology is advantageous. Indeed, it is a question of opting for a high-tech material facilitating and accelerating the disinfection of breakfast or meal trolleys: the disinfection arch.

The disinfection arch is trolley cleaning equipment designed by Electro Calorique. It allows the internal and external disinfection of the trolleys thanks to its washing tunnels. It is a real innovation that promises unparalleled hygiene in your establishment and subsequently prevents various diseases.

How does the disinfection arch work?

The disinfection arch offered by Electro Calorique is the ideal tool for hygiene within your business, thanks to technology. It is very easy to use and works incredibly well.

For the cleaning of the trolleys, they must be passed under the arch which sprays disinfectant. It is this product that will destroy any bacteria and microbes on the trolleys. In just sixty seconds, your trolleys will be disinfected, from the inside out.

The use of the disinfection arch does not require any detergent. It only takes 250ml of water to carry out a complete disinfection cycle.

What are the advantages of using a disinfection arch?

Opting for a disinfection arch is beneficial for ensuring total hygiene in your establishment or business. Indeed, this technological cleaning equipment provides a range of advantages and complies with hygiene standards.

Programmable equipment

The meal distribution trolley disinfection arch is programmable thanks to the electronic control module.

Depending on your desires and needs, you can configure a few elements such as:

  • The duration of the disinfection cycle
  • The number of cycles
  • The control of the number of passages
  • The determination of the alarm threshold for the change of tanks
  • The hours of operation of the pump

Simple and fast disinfection

Cleaning and sanitizing the trolleys is simple and fast. In just sixty seconds, you will find your trolley shining like new, free of all bacteria and microbes as well as other dirt.

In a single cycle, your device will be completely disinfected thanks to hydroalcoholic solutions. In this case, the use of this equipment saves you time when carrying out your tasks. Moreover, it dries immediately.

An eco-friendly washing tool

The disinfection arch is eco-friendly and effective. Using it guarantees you save water and there is no need to use detergent.

Innovative models

At Electro Calorique, find the model of disinfection arch that suits you to disinfect your trolleys and enjoy optimal hygiene within your establishment.

Low or high disinfection arch.

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