Restiself 4G: the must-have trolley for all catering professionals

Meal distribution trolleys are indispensable in the field of catering, hospitals and anywhere that requires collective meal distribution. Designer of meal distribution trolleys of all kinds, Electro Calorique, now offers you its super Restiself 4G trolley, which facilitates all meal distribution work in a number of establishments.

Description of the Restiself 4G meal distribution trolley

Multi-portion meal distribution trolley. With this trolley, you have the possibility to create multi-portion trays. With its hot or cold binding technology, depending on your choice, the trolley is fully versatile.

This is a modern and clean design trolley that is suitable for the dining room and makes serving dishes a breeze, especially since its friendliness gives the impression of being in a restaurant. In addition, thanks to temperature preservation technologies, this trolley can transport any type of food while maintaining the flavors and the ideal temperature.

Components of the Restiself 4G meal distribution trolley

This trolley is made up of several components that make it unique and ultra-efficient.

  • The pass-through: As its name suggests, this feature allows you to pass the dishes through the trolley. This option allows you to provide a quality service in the hotel industry. This is a standout feature on this trolley.
  • The Testo: With the Testo accessory integrated into your Restiself trolley, you can check the heating quality of your distribution quickly and easily. You can thus test the temperature of the dish before serving, in compliance with HACCP standards.
  • The heated top: A fine feature on all our trolleys, this technology helps to maintain the temperature and quality of food. Meals stay hot and appetizing when served.

This trolley is also equipped with a control screen which allows it to be controlled and the meal distribution times to be programmed. Operating and temperature histories are also available.

The advantages of the Restiself 4G meal distribution trolley

Meal distribution

The Restiself 4G meal distribution trolley is ergonomic. Thanks to the sliding system, access to the dishes is super simple.I It is also easier to access the compartments, thanks to the removable telescopic drawers. In this way, the work is more fluid and cleaning in the dishwasher is easier.

On the dishes to be distributed

Thanks to the thermo-contact technology of the trolley, the dishes are kept at an ideal temperature. In addition, the heated top and the Testo also lighten the burden of this task. This is an effective solution to avoid food waste. The people being served then have the opportunity to enjoy and savor the flavor of their dishes.

On the staff

The people responsible for the distribution of meals also benefit from the handy features of this trolley. Thanks to its motorization system which allows it to roll with ease, the trolley reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Even if the trolley contains a large number of dishes to be distributed, the distributor does not need to use all their strength to move the trolley and hand out the meals. This saves them from any hassle and reduces the risk of any work-related ailments. In addition, thanks to the dimensions of the trolley, the work surface is at the perfect height for the entire duration of the service, meaning there is no need to bend over frequently to access the various compartments, and it is even easier with the help provided by the telescopic drawers.

Where can you use the Restiself 4G meal distribution trolley?

This modern and elegant trolley is ideal for distributing meals:

  • In dining rooms;
  • On different floors ;
  • In individual rooms during the evening.

In addition, for the trolley to blend in perfectly with the room, it is possible to personalize its decor on request. In addition, flavors and nutrients are kept at optimal levels thanks to our thermo-contact heating technology.

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