Combining technology and catering: the solutions

Each establishment has a specific profile, therefore specific needs too. But, in the face of technological development, the goal remains the same, to be at the forefront of innovations.

Combining technology and catering is essential in the current climate to offer the best meal and breakfast service to your customers. Added to this is the guarantee of perfect hygiene within the restaurant. Indeed, Electro Calorique has the right technology solutions to innovate the services of your restaurant.

Finding and choosing innovative meal distribution trolleys

To combine technology with catering, you have to be up to date with innovations in the field. In fact, the first solution is to find and choose the equipment for your meal distribution, i.e. the meal distribution trolley for customers.

Electro Calorique offers a range of meal distribution trolleys that are available for any restaurant owner looking for innovative equipment to serve their customers.

The meal tray distribution trolley

The following meal distribution trolley models stand out for their features and specific uses:

  • The BENTO trolley for distributing meals on a smaller tray. It accommodates 2 trays per level.
  • The ERG’ELEC trolley, the benchmark for the distribution of meals on trays in cold connection, in hot connection or even frozen.

The multi-portion meal distribution trolley

The solution that guarantees meal service in your restaurant. We can highlight two ranges with interesting functionalities such as the RESTISELF 4G trolley and RESTAUSELF.

The trolley that combines these two technologies

More suitable for accommodation establishments, but equally appropriate for restaurants, the COMBI trolley from Electro Calorique allows optimal service of meals for customers wishing to stay in their room to eat. This cart is used to serve meals packaged in
multi-portion containers, on individualized trays. It also makes it possible to serve several customers at the same time, in record time while limiting shuttles.

Using a breakfast trolley for a service worthy of a great restaurant

Always with the goal of combining technology and catering, a solution not to be overlooked is the use of a breakfast trolley.

This trolley allows you to properly serve the first meal of the day to your customers.

  • The Expresso trolley, with its integrated machine, can serve more than 9 hot drinks. It also allows service on a breakfast tray, of course.
  • The Petit Dej’ trolley is dedicated to serving meals on a tray. Besides its innovative design, it offers countless accessories and options.

The disinfection arch: technology to maintain optimum hygiene in restaurants

To ensure hygiene and cleanliness in your restaurant, you will need adequate equipment. You need to count on a technological, efficient and fast cleaner to clean your equipment.

Specifically designed for the washing of meal distribution trolleys, Electro Calorique has designed the disinfection arch.
It is a high-tech solution that requires no manual intervention. Your trolley just needs to be connected to the control unit for automatic disinfection to take place.

Combining technology and catering: other smart solutions

Apart from adopting materials and equipment that optimize your meal or breakfast service in catering, other solutions should be considered. These are the practices that enable your restaurant to live up to the new technology. Practical advice allowing you to attract new customers, but also to retain old ones.

  • Online table reservation
  • Online ordering to reach more customers
  • Digitized room tasks
  • Combine table reservation and meal pre-ordering
  • Manage schedules in a few clicks
  • Accept mobile payments
  • Opt for a digital loyalty program
  • A virtual sommelier to increase the sale of drinks

Therefore, to find innovative equipment to improve your meal and breakfast service to your customers, choose your technological products from Electro Calorique. At the same time, ensure the use of current technology to best manage your brand: orders, payment, task management, etc.

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