Choose crockery and trays adapted to the needs of your establishment.

Whatever your establishment, hotel or restaurant, it is essential to have the right dishes and trays. These are very important elements to best serve your different dishes.

Admittedly, quality and durability criteria must be taken into account when buying tableware and trays. So that they always shine like new with each use, you have to commit to quality products. Electro Calorique offers you a variety of superb dishes and trays at the best prices, to give your customers the best impression of your company.

Buying crockery and trays for your establishment

Purchasing crockery and trays to be used in a hotel or in a restaurant should not be done haphazardly. You have to think carefully about the models, sizes and materials to acquire for a service worthy of a large establishment.

Indeed, targeting your type of catering is essential to know which dishes to buy and which trays to order. A pizzeria will thus opt for different equipment from another take-out or brasserie and gastronomy establishment.

Then, you must make your purchase according to the standard of service offered. Having specific dishes is necessary for star restaurants or hotels. The budget allocated to the purchase of these utensils must also be taken into account. It certainly influences your purchase, in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Criteria determining the choice of trays and crockery

To choose the right trays and crockery for you, you have to consider a few essential factors such as:


The manufacturing materials of the trays as well as the crockery define the choice of each establishment. Depending on preference, need and budget, you should choose between the following materials:

  • Porcelain
  • Stoneware
  • Melamine
  • Stainless steel


Your choice can also be made according to the colors available for serving trays and crockery.

In addition to white, the classic color for these elements, you can decorate your table with a touch of color and choose:

  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Beige, and many other colors whether dark or bright.

The quantity

The choice of crockery should also be made according to the extent of your establishment’s offerings. The same is true for the trays. In other words, define the quantity you need depending on whether you are offering an elaborate menu, one or various menus, etc.

Size and shape

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, tableware and trays meet a wide variety of needs. Each establishment must make a distinction between the equipment it needs, taking into account the type of plate and serving tray to enhance its culinary creations.

Advice for finding quality trays and crockery

Buying quality accessories is a priority for any establishment serving food. For this, it is necessary to bear in mind a few principles so as not to be mistaken when choosing.

The idea is then to:

  • Choose crockery and quality trays with content adapted to the container
  • The equipment to be purchased must allow easy handling for a more flexible service
  • The dimensions of the dishes and trays must ensure comfort of use on the table, during transport and distribution.

Opt for original crockery and trays at Electro Calorique

Having crockery and trays is also essential to promote a good image of the establishment. Whether in terms of quality, finish, shapes and dimensions, Electro Calorique products are the most popular.

By consulting the Electro Calorique website, you will discover a wide choice of crockery and trays, carefully selected for your establishment. These include:

  • CLASSIC tableware in porcelain, arcoroc, with or without separation, suitable for reheating in our range of meal distribution trolleys.
  • BENTO dinnerware colored and crafted to serve portion sized complet meals, presented on a compact tray.
  • Technical trays with two separate compartments, areas to contain liquids and allowing the transport of several types of containers.
  • Serving trays that can be used with Electro Calorique breakfast distribution or plate service solutions. They come in various colors and shapes.

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