trays trolley VITALIS 2

The VITALIS 2, an innovative solution for optimum meal service quality. Aesthetically pleasing, sturdy and fully autonomous, this trolley offers a hands-free experience from tray preparation to patient service.
What’s more, its mobile, compact design provides greater flexibility, making it easier to manage meals in a variety of environments.
In a split version, the STAND FRESH module guarantees silent refrigeration with low heat emission.
Stand Fresh is compatible with all trolley sizes.

chariot plateaux VITALIS-2



Single, manipulation-free tray between dressing and serving for an optimal patient experience


Keeps meal trays at 3°C, compatible with various types of dishes


Fully automated operation


Optimum manoeuvrability with swivel wheels and compact design, ergonomic handles and simple operation with control panel

Meal service expert. French products, more than 100 years of experience to meet medical and social establishments staff’s needs, as well as the needs of their guests.

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