SERVIS EVO, breakfast and snack trolley

Discover our breakfast and snack serving trolley, carefully designed to provide the optimum morning experience. Its robust stainless steel construction ensures exceptional durability, while its modular features make it perfectly adaptable to your needs.

Thanks to its standard telescopic drawers and folding doors, this trolley offers unrivalled flexibility. Cleverly integrated accessories help simplify breakfast preparation and service. Ergonomics have been at the heart of this trolley’s design, ensuring ease of use and comfort. What’s more, its light weight makes it easy to maneuver and move around, ensuring greater efficiency in your daily activities. 

Choose our breakfast and snack trolley, a reliable companion that combines versatility, adaptability and ease of use to create an ironclad morning experience.



4 models and many accessories


Stainless steel structure for enhanced durability


Telescopic drawers and optional folding doors


Easily washable with a hose or machine, compliant with the NF standard.

Breakfast distribution in healthcare establishments such as hospitals and nursing homes is often a laborious task. The frequent trips from the kitchen to guest tables or to the rooms of each resident and patient require a significant investment of time and energy. To simplify the management of breakfast service, ISECO has designed its breakfast trolleys to be fully modular, making it easier to provide the first meal of the day in all types of establishment.

Meal service expert. French products, more than 100 years of experience to meet medical and social establishments staff’s needs, as well as the needs of their guests.

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