More colors, more volume. Pleasing your eyes is the spirit of the BENTO. It is a compact trolley combined with specific trays that are optimized to enhance the meal through a range of tableware with pleasant shapes and available in 3 colors. When designing the BENTO trolley, we wanted to upgrade and enhance the vision of the meal on a tray. The BENTO range of meal service trolleys is compact and ergonomic. Thanks to its small size and an 35% overall weight reduction, the BENTO trolley is easy to handle and only requires a limited space in kitchens, pantries, storage rooms or transport vehicles.

Fichier 2

An optimized tray to serve meals without reducing portions. Adapted tableware.

Fichier 2


  • Lunch and dinner time manual or automatic programming day by day
  • Temperature and remaining time indication
  • Operating and temperature history



Floor space of 0,6m2 for the split-version


Quality lunch service, tableware and design colors


Capacities, configuration, technologies


All of our trolleys are recycled in our Second Life Workshop

Highly appreciated by catering professionals, the BENTO trolley (just like the ERG’ELEC one) is modular and can be adapted to all environments. Suitable for hot, cold, or frozen food, the BENTO trolley also benefits from the unique heating technology of ELECTRO CALORIQUE Groupe, the “thermocontact”, which ensures that hot preparations are brought back to the right temperature without drying out the food and maintains the right heat thanks to its precise thermal regulation. On the cooling side, 3 cooling technologies enable to meet the transport or space constraints of medical and social establishments, hospitals, retirement home or even clinics: cooling by glycol water, CO² or ventilated cooling.

the BENTO in your establishment

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Clinique du Parc – Saint-Etienne (France)

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